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Cyprus, A Beautiful Village Experience

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Visiting Cyprus is an unforgettable experience because there is so much to see, the weather is beautiful almost every day, and the beach is always 2 hours away. That's the beauty of an island in the Mediterranean, there are beaches over the entire island open to the public and the climate is warm. Being from Cyprus, I have the advantage of staying with my family so the visit was enhanced by local village culture and scenes impossible to see in any hotel.

My trip began with a drive from the airport to a wonderful little town called Tris Elies where my grandparents were located. From day one, we visited a local coffee shop and stayed for the entire day. Being from New York, I was not used to this, but as the day went on, I met with more of the locals and spent a day relaxing, drinking coffee, talking, and playing backgammon. Even though this is how many days were spent, there was never a moment of boredom. The atmosphere in the village is slow and laid back so even staring off into the grape vine canopy and falling into a nap was fun.

What I loved most about my trip was the scenery. Walking from the house to the local coffee shop was a treat. The flowers of the neighborhood bloomed and climbed on the side of walls. The streets are not neatly organized, rather they are winding and fun to maneuver. Cyprus was very mountainous I would participate in a daily workout whether I wanted to or not. All of these different aspects added to the charm of the village.

The people in the Cyprian villages were very trusting and extremely nice. People freely entered and exited other people's homes without having to ask for permission. There is an unspoken relationship among villagers that is like a communal bond. Most of the village people were elderly because it seemed like most of the younger generation moved to the city. These people have many stories from their life experiences including fighting in World War II. What I found most interesting was that most of the women wore black because it was the custom to only wear black when you become a widow.

Finally, who could forget the food. The Village does not have many supplies so most of the food I ate came from special deliveries from my Uncle who brought food from the city. There is a store in the village but the merchandise is expensive. Every meal contained olives, beans, and haloumi, the special Greek cheese made of goat milk. Meat was not a large part of the diet for the people in the village, but since we had special deliveries coming in from the city, we were often delighted with souvlaki, pork chops, and other wonderful dishes. Along with dinner also came a generous helping of salad with Greek cheeses and plenty of olive oil and vinegar.

This was a trip of a lifetime and one that I will gladly take again in the years to come. There is no better experience then visiting a location with so much history and beauty. Most of Cyprus is untouched by the hand of modern industrialization creating a wonderful experience for anyone interested in a relaxing village experience.

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