Scuba Divers Locate Village 320 Feet Below Lake Jocassee in South Carolina
Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 11:40AM
Nathan Ciurzynski in Bill Routh, Debbie Fletcher, Odd Stuff, Photography, Photography - Underwater, Scuba Diving, lake jocassee, scuba diving, south carolina, technical scuba diving
Here's a great story of how scuba diving reunited Debbie Fletcher to her family's lodge which now sits, still intact and rich with childhood memories, 320 feet below the surface of a man-made lake in South Carolina. In this video Bill Routh, an experienced technical scuba diver, explores and captures video and still images of Lake Jocassee at depths rarely visited by even the most experienced scuba divers.

Watch as Bill takes you on an underwater journey to a graveyard and Fletcher family-owned Attakulla Lodge where Debbie Fletcher's family lived and worked until the valley was flooded some 30+ years ago.

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