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The Downtown San Diego Skyline

Downtown San Diego Skyline

I captured this image from the bow of a cruise ship that I was on while it was docked at the Port of San Diego just before it embarked for Mexico. Jackie and I were about to set off on our baby-moon. We made it to our room onboard with only a few minutes to spare and headed straight to the bow for the mandatory life-preserver instructions before setting off. The light was nice and soft and I really liked the perspective.

I did very little to this image in Photoshop. The jpeg style settings in-camera did most of the editing. I usually shoot in both .jpg and RAW so that I can see how my style settings look when applied on the computer after I finish shooting. The light did all the magic and I decided to use the .jpg version.

I love how soft the clouds in the sky look and how the few reds in the image, such as the bus and flag, pop just the right amount. The subjects in this image are the Santa Fe Train Station, several condominium towers on the left, and office and residential high rises right and center.

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