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My Visit To The London Attraction, The Thames Barrier

The Thames Barrier

The Thames Barrier

The Thames Barrier

The Thames Barrier

The Thames Barrier

I remember seeing this interesting looking thing on an episode of MI:5 (or Spooks in the U.K.) and thinking to myself that I had to go check this out once I settled in London. The Thames Barrier is the world's second largest (at the time of this writing) movable flood barrier that protects London from tidal fluctuations and surges on the River Thames.

Since it winds right through central London where businesses and residences occupy expensive riverfront property, a working flood barrier is essential to protecting the well-being of this major metropolitan city.

One thing that I love about the barrier is the textured look of hammered metal and the way the fins resemble those of the Sydney Opera House from specific angles. It's quite an artistic design for something that is solely industrial in purpose.

Located just a short distance from Greenwich in Woolwich, you'll find there a visitor center with cafe and children's play area along with the Thames Path which offers fantastic views of Canary Wharf and the O2 Arena.

The part of the Thames Barrier that I intended to photograph resembles fins that protrude out of the river that are connected by underground tunnels which I believe, can be toured. However, it is the barriers between the fins that do the work of protecting London. On my visit, only one barrier was raised.

This attraction is best accessed by the 180 or 177 bus line which can be taken from Greenwich Cutty Sark. Bus travel time from Greenwich is about 15 minutes without traffic and requires a short 5 minutes walk from Woolwich Road / Charlton Lane, Stop A.

You can visit their website to plan your visit: Thames Barrier.

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