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Jogging in San Diego

If you've ever driven down the Pacific Coast Highway in San Diego on any given Saturday or Sunday morning, you've likely passed dozens of people either out for a jog or riding their bike along the coast. With over 60 miles of beaches in San Diego, it's no surprise that locals tend to adopt an active, beach-centered lifestyle.

It's also easy to understand why San Diego was voted America's fittest city in a magazine article recently. I was introduced to running events a few years back by my wife who had signed up to compete in the Carlsbad Half Marathon. I remember the morning of the event feeling alive with excitement and anticipation as hundreds of competitors beat the sunrise to arrive at the starting line for one of San Diego's most popular running events. Watching my wife compete while thousands of cheering supporters lined the route inspired me to join the sport.

As a photographer, I've spent a few cold mornings recently photographing this sport and have these images to share:

A competitor of the Carlsbad Marathon 2011.

Two runners challenging the Torrey Pines State Park grade on a foggy morning.

A runner reaches the top of the Torry Pines State Park grade just as the sun peeks through the treetops.

Two runners enjoying Balboa Park.

Competitors of the Carlsbad Marathon 2011 flood Highway 1 on a beautiful Sunday morning.

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