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Mesquite Dunes in Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is a beautiful place whose name doesn't exactly lend itself to being on too many people's Top 10 lists. The thought of 115+ temperatures simply doesn't appeal to that many people. I can't say the temperature is a huge appeal to me either. Yet I find it to be one of the most stunning and scenic national parks to visit. If you can stand the heat, the summer time is a great time to avoid the crowds and there's lots to see. Check out a crater, the second tallest sand dunes in the U.S., salt flats, a natural bridge, multi-colored hills, the lowest place on this continent (Badwater Basin), and a set of 10 25 ft. tall kilns built in the late 1800s.

I'll be back visiting Death Valley next month on the 12th through the 14th. If you'll be there then shooting, let me know. I love meeting other photographers.

Here's a couple of images from my last visit there. What I love about this second image is the effect of the wind in the foreground. The wind had whipped up quite a bit toward the end of the day and it created a unique pattern in the foreground sand leaving the dune hills toward the background of the image looking super silky smooth.

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