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Dante's View at Death Valley National Park

At 5,400 feet of elevation stands Coffin Peak overlooking the salt flats of Death valley National Park below. This location, Dante's Peak, is one of the best in Death Valley for watching a sunrise or sunset since it provides a panoramic view of the southern Death Valley basin. The salt flats below are a mere 15 miles from Furnace Creek which is the lowest place in North America at roughly 200 feet below sea level. The drive to the top gets steep near the end and is super picturesque. The parking area at the top offers plenty of room to relax at picnic tables there or hike around to see both the west and east sides of the mountain. I also understand this to be a great place to take in the night sky and meter showers when they occur.

These images below are closeups taken from the very top of Dante's View looking straight down toward the salt flats below. The abstract designs in these flats are so raw with texture and desert feel yet it almost looks like they could have been taken of another planet from a telescope.

Dante's View in Death Valley National Park, California

Dante's View in Death Valley National Park, California

Dante's View in Death Valley National Park, California

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