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Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR Camera Released for Pre-Sale

Canon just announced that it will release their newest dSLR sometime in September, an upgrade from the Canon 50D, the Canon EOS 60D dSLR! These are presently available for pre-sale through several vendors including

This new camera is really quite different from the normal upgrades that Canon introduces periodically to its line of dSLRs. In fact, this camera brings together several new features not usually found in its dSLRs like an articulating LCD screen and the use of SD memory cards. The 60D also comes with an 18 megapixel sensor which is a significant improvement from the 50D yet with the same sized sensor. Exclusive to this Canon camera is the ability to process RAW files in-camera altering brightness, contrast, white balance or correct distortion or chromatic aberration. The edited image can then be saved as a JPEG which is print-ready or it can be uploaded to a PC or the web. Maybe Canon will soon add the ability to combine HDR exposures in-camera as well.

For photographers who are not that much in-love with post processing but want to add special effects to their photos, the EOS 60D also features several new filters that can be applied in-camera. Filters including Grainy B/W, Soft Focus, 'Toy Camera' effect and 'Miniature' effect provide images with a different look.

The 60D also captures great 1920x1080p HD video with a variety of frame rates including 30, 25 and 24fps, as well as 720p video at 60 and 50fps.

The cons...Canon missed the mark in a few key areas. For example, likely due to the increase in pixels, frames per second speed is slower on the 60D as compared to the 50D. I would have preferred to keep the pixels lower for the higher fps trade-off personally.

Also, at some point, camera manufacturers are going to reach a point where adding more pixels to the same sized sensor simply won't be an advantage any longer requiring either a drastic change in technology or an increase in sensor size. I really don't know what adding tons of pixels to a mid-level camera does for mid-level camera users. Are these users printing for billboards?

Finally, the 60D comes with the exact same focusing system as the 50D. This is a major disappointment when Nikon has been kicking Canon's butt all over over the place with their far superior focusing systems. That they didn't apply the 7D's focusing system to the 60D has to be a big concern for interested buyers looking to invest over $1k in a new body.

Overall, this is a solid body worth a look. Here's a couple of clips put together by Canon Europe that show off this great new product and sample photos taken with it.

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