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Facebook's New "Places" Feature and Privacy Settings How To

Do you use the online software application Foursquare? If so, you're in a growing group of 2 million+ cell phone savvy people that also use it. GPS apps like Foursquare are online applications for cellphones, connected to the web, that allow users to "check-in" with friends by indicating their current location while out around town. Then, users can provide details such as favorite, likes, dislikes, or deals available at that location.

Not to be outdone by Foursquare and others, Facebook has come to market with their own version of a GPS app which exists inside of Facebook under the name 'Places'.

Check out this short video by Facebook:

Are There More Privacy Issues?

Inevitably...yes. So protect yourself. Telling the world that you're at the local coffee shop is also letting them know that nobody is at home potentally leaving you a bit vulnerable. Here's how you can adjust your privacy settings to protect yourself:

From your Facebook home page, click on "Account" in the upper right hand corner. From the dropdown that appears, select "Privacy Settings". From the Privacy Settings page, you'll see "Places I check in to [?]" near the bottom of the list in the center of the screen. The default setting is "Friends Only". You can turn off this feature by clicking on the "Customize Setting" option and following the directions to select "Only Me".

For more information about Facebook Places, visit their Places FAQ Page!
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