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How to Take Great Travel Photos with a Point and Shoot Camera - eBook Release!

A friend of mine, Brendan Van Son, is releasing his brand new eBook today (Wednesday, December 1, 2010) and I had the exciting opportunity of getting my hands on a copy prior to the big release. The title...

How To Take Great Travel Photos With A Point And Shoot Camera

Click here to visit Brendan Van Son to buy your copy! $8.99-Kindle Version or $11.99-PDF

Why bother my readers with this? I want ALL of my friends who own a point and shoot camera to go get a copy of this eBook. Here's the deal...

Brendan speaks really directly to very specific and simple techniques that are sure to help you improve the quality of your photos.

Think you need a better camera to get better photos? Think some cases, just a few simple tweaks to your camera settings and your photography will get a huge boost.

Think you need to upgrade your point and shoot camera because newer models are coming out with a higher megapixel count? Get an understanding of what a pixel is and why you should/shouldn't care about megapixel counts.

Learn how to effectively use different shooting modes and styles.

Learn some software editing basics, many that can be applied universally on very inexpensive or even free editing tools from Photoshop to Picasa.

This book is a great investment for point and shooters and a cool Christmas gift idea for photogs in your life...and you can't beat the price!

Click here to visit Brendan Van Son to buy your copy! $8.99-Kindle Version or $11.99-PDF

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