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I'll Take a Spoonfull of Facebook's Newest Privacy Settings Please!

Is anybody else tired of Facebook making changes to their privacy settings? To be honest, I was reluctant to write this article figuring they'd come out with new settings before I had a chance to post it. The good news is that Facebook didn't add any new settings in this latest update so your old settings are still in place. But they've made significant changes to how everything is organized...good changes actually. If you haven't yet taken a few minutes to set your privacy levels, now is a good time.

Here's a simplified look at them.

Navigate to your Privacy Settings:

This is the newest Facebook Privacy Settings Dashboard:

There are basically two ways to make changes to your privacy settings now. You can either apply a blanket privacy level across all categories or you can set each category separately.

To apply a blanket privacy level:

1) Identify which level you want. The 'Recommended' level offers poor privacy in my opinion while 'Friends Only' offers the highest amount of privacy.
2) Click on the button to the far left that corresponds to the blanket privacy level that you've identified for yourself. I've selected 'Custom' for mine which I'll explain more later.
3) Locate the 'Apply These Settings' button in the lower right corner of the page and click it once to make these your settings.

To apply custom privacy privacy levels:

Locate the 'View Settings' link near the top of the page and click once on it to navigate to that page:

In the privacy settings directory, shown below, you can change most of the settings to one of three options:

Friends of Friends
Friends Only

That's it! Much easier. Here's some info from Facebook with their explanation for the changes.

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