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Lower Antelope Canyon and Slot Canyons of the Southwest

Here's another image that I made on my recent visit to Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. This is truly one of the great slot canyons. Since visiting there this last time, I've sort of grown obsessed with slot canyons in general. After some research, I've learned that literally hundreds more exist in the American Southwest. Many aren't documented so as to avoid the erosion common with foot traffic.

I did find one really interesting resource for those who share the same passion. There is a website called: Slot Canyons of the American Southwest which lists several slot canyons throughout this Colorado Plateau region. While no one site will have a comprehensive list of such canyons, this one is sure to give you a great place to start in exploring this region.

This photo of Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona almost look abstract with all 
of the swirls and waves. Wind and rain form the beautiful sandstone slot on Navajo land.

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