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The Trip of a Lifetime Captured on Time Lapse and Stop Motion

Maybe you've seen the following ad from Levi's depicting a guy walking across the U.S.? This video has gone viral on YouTube collecting over 1.3 million hits.

What I love about this commercial is how time lapse and stop motion photography were used in such a creative way to capture such a journey.

The ad starts in New York and ends in San Francisco after a long road trip in a cramped RV. It was captured with only one camera, a tripod, and a paper protractor over 14 days and a lot of miles. 2770 individual still frames were used in the end. The first video is the final product...the second one is an interview with the team discussing how they pulled it off.
Hope you enjoy.

If you're interested in learning how to assemble multiple images into a time-lapse movie, visit our blog post titled, "How to Create Time-Lapse Movie from Still Shots."

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