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How Photographers Can Keep Their Hands Warm During Cold Winter Photo Shoots

The week between Christmas and New Years, I traveled to San Antonio, New Mexico to photograph some migratory birds in a wildlife refuge there named Bosque Del Apache. This was my second time visiting this refuge in the same month. The first trip wasn't so cold but the second was brutal...for this Southern Californian anyways.

I went back specifically due to the intense decrease in temperature that was expected in order to photograph a mist that occurs on the ponds there where the birds sit every morning and evening. Fortunately, the weather cooperated one morning and I was able to successfully capture the image that I had envisioned but I was under-prepared for photography in the cold weather.

It was 9 degrees fahrenheit that morning. I felt pretty warm everywhere except for my fingers which took a beating because I realized all too late that I couldn't wear my gloves AND operate my camera at the same time, especially when shooting a highly fluid subject like birds. There is simply no dexterity with thick gloves on. As a result, I quickly shed my gloves leaving my fingers exposed. Ouch!

Otherwise, I came well prepared for the cold. I brought a parka, layers of shirts and sweatshirts, gloves, thermals, wool socks, beanies and a balaclava. However, somehow it hadn't occurred to me that the two layers of gloves that I had brought would be useless when operating a camera and would need to be removed.

I toughed it out and made it through the shoot but had a pretty rough time of it. When I arrived home, I started searching the web to learn what other photographers do and there wasn't much out there....except for one Facebook posting that led me to a pair of gloves that seem to be made specifically for photographers. I quickly bought a pair and decided to share this information with other photogs out there who might find themselves in a similar situation.

These two pairs of gloves below offer peal-away finger-tips so that the bulk of your hands stay covered and warm while your index fingers and thumbs are free to move around, adjust camera settings, and capture images with your camera. The first pair are those that I purchased.

This other product below worked quite well for me in place of these gloves and I would still recommend them additionally. I stored these little packets in my jacket pockets and used them to warm my hands between shots. I also placed another pair inside my gloves (Before I had taken them off). They got quite warm and offered significant relief.

Hopefully these tools offer you some relief from the cold on your next cold weather shoot. If you know of any other tips for staying warm, leave a comment.

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