All of our prints, including paper, canvas, and metal, are printed using archival-grade mediums and inks. Our paper prints, well taken care of, should outlast 100 years. To make your paper prints last longer:

1) Keep photographs out of high humidity areas or if they’re being kept in a high humidity area keep them in a tightly sealed container. This precaution really isn’t necessary in normal conditions.

2) Keep photographs out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. Archival papers really do protect the integrity of the paper - but the image will still fade under large amounts of direct sunlight - just like a fabric would.

3) If water gets spilled on an image, pat it dry as completely as possible and then let it air dry for several days before putting it in a stack of photos, a frame, etc…. Even the slightest amount of water left on a print will cause it to stick to the glass in a frame after a period of time, or stick to other prints in the stack.

4) Do not leave photographs in high heat situations (such as inside a car on a hot day). They will curl up at the edges or, if in a stack, will absorb moisture in the air around them and stick together.